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About SDT

We are a small business in Denton, NC owned and operated by Robbie English, a lifelong Denton resident with over 20 years PC experience. He is joined by Leslie Ridge who is also a lifelong Denton resident as SD Tech Office Manager and Sales Person. They are assisted by Taylor Moore of Midway who has recently graduated from ECPI and is the main PC technician and Sales Team Member.

Owner Robbie English received formal computer training when serving in the US Air Force from 1988 - 1995. His computer training sparked an interest and passion that to this day is his number one choice in a career. After working for the largest apparel company in the US for over 10 years and traveling over three countries, he decided that it was time to stay home and use the experience and training he had gained in his own home town. On January 1st, 2004, Robbie's PCs Plus opened it's first day for business in a small 500 sq. ft. shop in Denton and began serving the small town and surrounding areas with home and small business computer sales, service, and support. After the first year, it was a short trip to over growing that small shop and was relocated in the same building but to a larger 1500 sq. ft. store and expanded inventory and continued to grow in size and clients.

In 2006, part time help was added to assist in office duties and allow more time for Robbie to do the computer work he so much enjoyed. In December 2006, Leslie Ridge started as the main office manager and sales person and continues to be a very critical force behind the success of our company. On January 1, 2007, another move fell into place as Robbie's PCs Plus moved to it's current location at 68 West Salisbury Street, Denton, in a newly renovated 2500 sq. ft. facility.

In the summer of that year, after much thought, in need of a new refreshing logo and look, to remove some confusion on exactly what a "P" "C" "S" really is, and based on the fact that there was much more than just computers involved, Robbie's PCs Plus became South Davidson Technologies. We are currently the sole computer store in Denton and very much care about providing a friendly, cost effective, and professional service to Denton and much of the surrounding areas.

We have customers from Florence, SC to Alexandria, VA and appreciate each and every single client, store visitor, and web site visitor that we have. We work very hard to help fill the gap between the home user and large businesses.

In today's economy, small businesses cannot afford their own IT technician or even in many cases the high cost of the larger name brand support companies. Those companies also don't take the much needed time to check and train their technicians but instead rely on scripts and certificates. We take pride in our extensive hours involved in training, formal classes, and of course the day to day experience that just can't be duplicated in any classroom environment. That along with our care and concern for our customers are the tools that give us what we hope are many return customers and most of all, satisfied clients.

We want to thank all of our loyal clients and let you all know that there is no way we would still be in business if it wasn't for the support and business we have. Below we have listed just a few of our wonderful clients and hope you will also visit their businesses and support them as they have supported us through the last 10 years.

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